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For the past fifteen years Hurtta has developed and manufactured functional clothing and accessories for active dogs and dog owners. Already established and recognised in the UK and over 30 countries worldwide the Hurtta brand is made up of three collections, Outdoors, Motivation and Lifeguard.

The Hurtta Outdoors collection offers a full range of outdoor wear for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. The collection includes clothing for cold and wet weather conditions as well as winter coats tested in conditions as low as -35°C in Kuopio, Eastern Finland. Alongside the coats is a fantastic range of leads, collars and harnesses for all types of outdoor use.

Hurtta Outdoors collection

With sizes available to suit all breeds from Chihuahua to Irish Wolfhound, Hurtta clothing is made from high performance technically advanced fabrics, including Houndtex®, a waterproof, windproof and breathable material specifically developed by Hurtta, providing protection against wind, rain and cold as well as offering the ultimate in comfort and durability. Meticulously designed and manufactured the clean lines and quality finish ensure Hurtta products offer both style and functionality.

Hurtta’s Motivation collection includes a range of practical and functional products and clothing specifically developed for outdoor training all year round. The range includes a variety of treat bags, utility belts and training vests for different purposes and user levels. Special attention had been paid to the usability of each Motivation product, starting with high quality materials such as 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflectors and outdoor textiles with a Houndtex® coating.

Hurtta Motivation collection

Hurtta’s Lifeguard collection offers a range of high visibility vests, collars, harnesses and leads specifically designed to help keep dogs and their owners safe and visible in the dark. The use of genuine 3M Scotchlite™ reflective material means Lifeguard products can easily be seen in the beam of a car’s headlight.

Hurtta Lifeguard collection

Product innovation, competitive pricing and a continued commitment to excellence makes Hurtta the number one choice for premium quality outdoor wear.

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