Planet Pleasures

Planet Pleasures is a pioneering developer of Bird Toys crafting creative, artisanal products using environmentally friendly, sustainable raw materials. Each toy is carefully designed and hand crafted with birds’ well-being in mind.

All of the products are as environmentally friendly as possible, using renewable, non-toxic, natural materials with many of the materials that birds would encounter in the wild, like palm leaves, coconut and bamboo.

Planet Pleasures

Planet Pleasures takes its social responsibility seriously and work with a certified Fair Trade cooperative, as well as other organisations providing gainful employment in support of hundreds of families. They embrace the challenge of helping its workers provide for a better future and help with funding a variety of educational and social programs for deserving workers and their dependents.

Fair Trade cooperative

We believe the Planet Pleasures range of toys create a “win-win” situation for the environment, the producers, the retailer, the consumers and their birds.

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