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Comprehensive range of pet feeding bowls from Animal Instincts

Published: 11/2014

A fantastic range of feeding bowls are available from Animal Instincts, giving your customers a great choice and making feeding time for cats and dogs quick, simple and mess free. A range of high quality, non slip plastic bowls is available in a range of bright, modern colourways to suit all tastes. Single dog bowls are available in four sizes from 300ml to 2000ml. Single cat bowls and twin dog bowls are also available.

A range of anti-skid heavy weight plastic bowls with rubber bases are also available. These extra tough bowls have been designed to keep food in the bowl and not all over the floor. The anti-slip rubber base ensures they can’t be pushed along the floor by your four legged friends. Easy to clean, Animal Instincts heavy weight bowls are dishwasher safe and stack for easy merchandising and storage.

Comprehensive range of pet feeding bowls from Animal Instincts

Specially designed for dogs that eat too fast is a range of slow feed bowls. Split into four feeding zones slow feed bowls prevent the dog putting its full snout in and therefore limit the amount of food the animal can get into its mouth in one go. Slow feed bowls offer retailers added value sales compared to standard feeding bowls.

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