Bird & Small Animal Accessories

We stock products for both caged and wild birds all helping to make the selection and satisfaction of purchase easy and rewarding for consumer and retailer alike.

image Our range includes:

  • Cages & Carriers
  • Feeders & Drinkers
  • Toys & Accessories
  • Wild bird feeders & nest boxes

Did you know?
According to a recent survey carried out by the Pet Care Trust, out of all the product categories stocked by pet retailers, wild bird products were found to be the second best selling and also one of the fastest sales growth areas. So don’t delay and stock up now to take advantage of this increasing profit opportunity.

Products for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, rats, mice and even ferrets are covered in our extensive range, which includes:

  • Hutches, Cages & Carriers
  • Feeders & Drinkers
  • Toys & Accessories



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